Your Requirements

To set up your finance sector business, as a broker or credit provider/lessor, and to obtain your Australian Credit Licence, you require:

  • Confidence in your business model
  • Knowledge of ASIC’s requirements
  • Third party management strategies
  • A sound knowledge of your NCCP obligations
  • Documented governance policies & procedures
  • Knowledge of the licensing process

Our Solutions

With over 35 years advising and representing the finance sector, and over 20 years in legal practice, we bring sound regulatory and commercial acumen to both your business and the licensing obligations you need to meet.

Your requirements to be confident in your business model and in obtaining your Australian Credit Licence can be achieved through our:

  • Business model advice
  • Development of your business summary and licence application
  • Third party management guidance
  • NCCP Licensing risk and compliance frameworks – templates or customised
  • ASIC management through the licensing process
  • Board and Senior Management briefings

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Our guide provides a high level overview of what is required when you lodge your licence application. It covers everything ASIC will expect to see in your Business Summary.

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