In meeting your NCCP competency obligations and to ensure your business is compliant across all legislation, you require:

  • Knowledgeable staff and Boards
  • Compliance awareness training – induction and ongoing CPD requirements
  • Responsible Manager CPD training
  • Representative training – third parties
  • Operationally relevant training content
  • Up to date content

Our Solutions

As advisors to industry peak bodies, we are across regulatory and market changes affecting the finance sector.

Your requirements to be well informed of impending regulatory change and its operational implications can be met through our:

  • CPD Training – compliance and risk
  • Practical training workshops – operations focussed
  • Customised in-house training
  • Online CPD modules – operationally focussed on topical & regulator issues
  • Senior management briefings
  • Training content reviews – accuracy & relevance

Training Modules and Enrolment


We offer a range of training modules which assist in meeting NCCP competency obligations for Responsible Managers and all NCCP Representatives.

Our core compliance modules provide an overview of the key legislation that impact on the finance.  They are most suited to induction training as they each have an assessment component.  A completion certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the assessment.

Our CPD modules take a more operational and risk approach.  They cover some of the most important compliance obligations for those in the finance sector.  They are suitable for both Responsible Managers and Representatives in meeting annual CPD hours.

Our Compliance Challenges enable experienced representatives to apply their knowledge to regulator enforcements actions. It provides the opportunity to check regulator policy positions against operational processes.

Our catalogue can be viewed here:


Our subscription service gives you access to all our modules for unlimited use across your business for a 12 months period, at a very reasonable cost – it can be as low as the price of three (3) topics per user, depending on your number of users. It puts you in charge of all aspects of your training requirements – who, what, when, where and how, including records.

We provide you with your own branch, so you can enrol representatives and allocate modules from our ever expanding library of topics. CPD training becomes more relevant, operational and interesting for your representatives, not simply a repeat of the same topics year in, year out.

You can monitor representative progress and run your own reports on completion. Managing training records it easy.

We keep all topics up to date and give you immediate access to all new modules as they come online, all at no additional cost.

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Individual Enrolment

Alternatively, you can enrol in one or more modules at any time.

To enrol in any of our modules, please go to:

You must Create an Account – beside the Login Button – before choosing your module(s).

Once you have created an account, you can choose your preferred module(s) or package(s).

Payment is completed by PayPal or by corporate key if your company has an account with us.